Interesting articles about Cultural India

East Meets West
Oriental Seeds in Occidental Soil
By Jack Hebner and Steven Rosen

Although worlds apart in terms of geography and culture, no two nations have been so intimately connected as the United States and India. It was Christopher Columbus' fateful error, in his search for a new route to India, that led him to the discovery of America ... East West Article

Sacred CowsSacred Cow
by Robin Winter

The world over, the term "sacred cow" has come to mean any stubborn loyalty to a long-standing institution which impedes natural progress. The term originates in India, where the cow is said to be literally worshiped, while thousands of humans suffer from undernourishment ... Sacred Cow Article

Kumbha Mela Book

Kumbha Mela
By Jack Hebner and
David Osborn
They came by the millions! Some arrived on overcrowded trains carrying five times their normal capacity. Some came by bus, by car, some by ox drawn carts, and others rode on horses, camels, and even celebrate the greatest spiritual festival ever held in the history of the world, the Kumbha Mela ... Kumbha Mela Article

Vastu Sastra

Vastu Shastra- Sacred Vedic Architecture
By Muktirajsinhji Chauhan
Adherence to Vastu Shastra, the ancient and medieval canons on city planning and architecture, has suddenly assumed tremendous significance, particularly among the well-educated and affluent in urban India. It may be difficult to predict if this is just a fad or if it will be a way of building dwellings, offices, and factories for many years to come ... Vastu Shastra Article