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"The people of Marathon worship both those who died in the fighting, calling them 'heroes,' and [a semi-divine being called] 'Marathon,' from whom the country derives its name, but also Herakles . .

Indic Ideas in the Graeco-Roman World

It is common to speak of “civilizational ideas”, but do they exist? For example, are the d�sas of Ayurveda peculiarly Indian since they are a tripartite classification that is basic to the Vedic system of knowledge?

By Subhash Kak

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Vedic Religion in Ancient Iran

Scholars generally agree that before the advent of Zarathushtra, the religion of the devas was current in Iran. For want of a better term, some have called the pre-Zoroastrian religion Persian paganism...

By Subhash Kak

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Archaeogenetics: DNA and the population prehistory of Europe

A recent African origin of modern humans, although still disputed, is supported now by a majority of genetic studies. To address the question when and where very early diversification(s) of modern humans outside of Africa occurred...

By Mcdonald Institute for Archaeological Research

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Search for India's Ancient City (external link)

Archaeologists working on India's south-west coast believe they may have solved the mystery of the location of a major port which was key to trade between India and the Roman Empire...

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