Varnam - A Topical Blog on India
Take a look a the history archives; there are many excellent articles on recent archaeological findings in India.

Afghanistan 1969-1974
Photos of the Artifacts of the Museum in Kabul, and the Buddhas in Bamiyan

Journal of Indo-European Studies

American Institute of Vedic Studies
David Frawley's Website

Voice of Dharma
Vedic culture, politics, etc

Omilos Meleton Cultural Institute
Articles on Indian archaeology, literature, Greek philosophy, linguistics,   N. Kazanas, and others.

Koenraad Elst Indology
Koenraad Elst's Indology Site

Hindu Website
Essays on the History of Hinduism, and Other Religions, Sanskrit, etc.

Archaeology of Mind/History of Science
Subhash Kak's Website

A Tribute to Hinduism
A broad site about Hinduism, history, science, etc

Forbidden Archeology
This is a fascinating site which brings to light the anomalous evidence that contradicts the accepted theory of evolution.

Harappan Archaeological Project
This is the HARP (Harappan Archaeological Project) site, interesting and
well done, gives accounts and articles of recent findings and on going
research at the archaeological site of Harappa. Many photos as well.

Graham Hancock
Excellent site by the author, he's written numerous bestselling historical books, there is a lot to look at here, with links and forums. His exploration of the theory that there was once a very ancient world civilization from which many others, such as the Maya, Egyptians, have emerged, is quite intriguing.

World Mysteries
An interesting site which gives information about many of the mysteries from around the world, ancient and not so ancient.

Stephen Knapp
An extensive site, focusing on the culture, history and mysticism of India, by the author Stephan Knapp. For anyone interested in India or the spirituality of India, this is a good site.

An unassuming but very interesting and varied site, with an extensive base of articles and information on everything from the Egyptians, to the petroglyphs of Native Americans.

Mysterious Places
Explore sacred sites and ancient places.

Daily Grail
A very broad and varied site, mainly focused on archaeological and historic topics, but the odd bit is mixed in. Its worth spending some time on. It also has links to many recent archaeological news articles.