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Indic Language Families

As the science of language, historical linguistics in the early 19th century saw itself as providing a framework for studying the history and relationships of languages in the same manner as biology describes the animal world...

By Dr. Subhash Kak

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Linguistic Aspects of the Indo-European Urheimat Question

by Dr. Koenraad Elst

It is too early to say that linguistics has proven an Indian origin for the IE family. But we can assert with confidence that the oft-invoked linguistic evidence for a European Urheimat and for an Aryan invasion of India is completely wanting.

Sanskritization: A New Model of Language Development

By Dr. David Frawley (From The Rig Veda and the History of India, Aditya Prakshan 2001)

The primary model used today for explaining the close relationships that exist between Indo-European languages is a migration theory. It proposes a Proto-Indo-European people who spread their language by a process of migration from an original primitive homeland. However, we should look to culture to explain language and interpret language as part of culture. History can explain language, but language cannot explain history. The more dominant the language or language family, the stronger the culture needed to create and sustain it over time. This does not mean that migration and ethnicity play no role in the spread of language but that they should not be made into the prime determinative factors.

A Study of Recent Attempts to Decipher the Indus Script

This year’s volume opens with an issue devoted to the vexed question of the Indus civilization, its enigmatic script, and its relationship to the subsequent Vedic literature...

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The Vedic Harappans in Writing

In the Harappan cities some 4200 seals, many of them duplicates, have been found which carry short inscriptions in an otherwise unknown script. There is not the slightest doubt that this harvest of Harappan writings is but the tip of an iceberg...

by Dr. Koenraad Elst