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Decoding the Ancient Script of the Indus Valley - Remnants of the greatest civilization the world may never know

Linguistic Aspects of the Indo-European Urheimat Question by Dr. Koenraad Elst

Science of the SacredNew Book Available from Amazon - Science of the Sacred (external link) by David Osborn with a Forward by Dr. David Frawley - Browse the ancient traditions of Sacred Dance, Vedic Mathematics, Vastu Shastra, Vedic Science, Transcendental Sound, Ayurvedic Natural Treatment and more. As a PDF: Science of the Sacred PDF

New Article (external link) - Search for India's ancient city

Additional Photo Gallery added to South India Tour - Gallery

New Section - Origins

New Section - Book Reviews

New Article (external link) - Myth of the Aryan Invasion

New Article - Vedic Origins of the Zodiac

New Travel Diary - South India Tour - Join Tarini Carr and her visiting friend Ashely on their adventurous tour through South India.

New Article (external link) - Art History Timelines.

New Article (external link) - The Rock Art of Central India.

New Travel Diary - Greece and Turkey - A two week tour through some of the most famous sites of the ancient mediterrean world, starting in the busy strees of what used to be Constantinople.

Greece and Turkey Photo Galleries - Numerous photos of the trip.

New Section - Archaeology in India.

New Section - India and the World.

New Article - Natural History of the Vedic civilization.

Links Added - More links to various archaeological sites have been added.